False Flag: Israel will attack itself for war with Iran

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I have thought long and hard about this and this is the only outcome that makes sense to me at this time. A ‘false flag’ attack anywhere else, on any other nation will not do. … Not this time.

Let me explain ..

Iran has not been set up correctly as the bad guy for a ‘false flag attack’ in America. Sure they’ve been demonized but not as a threat to the American people. Sure they are being accused of associating with terrorist groups and committing acts of terrorism in the middle-east. None of which is a direct threat to the US. Neither was Iraq for that matter.

On the other hand, Israel has gone beyond making sure everyone knows Iran has threatened to ‘wipe Israel off the map’, whether a false statement as many have said, or true. They’ve also been the main reason for unrest in the middle-east for decades, accusing others of what they’re guilty of.

Now .. the question I have is, ‘Will the US continue to be Israels lap dog’ when the war begins ? I have no reason to think they will at this time.

Here’s how I see it going down … but first a reminder … Controlled Media. With controlled media anything is possible.

So here it is … a MOAB – [ Moab stands for Massive Ordnance Air Burst, but unofficially the bomb is called the Mother Of All Bombs ] will be dropped somewhere in Israel. This is a Non Nuclear device, but the plume a bomb such as this creates will be reported as Nuclear detonation. It does not matter if the bomb is dropped on an area with little or any people at all. The fact is it will be an attack on Israel. It will be said to have come from Iran but it will have been Israel who has attacked itself to justify the war with Iran. Much in the way America was ‘false flag’ attacked for war with Iraq.

I do not believe the American people would / will go for another false flag attack in America, this time from Iran. Many know what Iran is capable of. Many have watched Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak from the United Nations more than once, and many do not think he has any plans to attack Israel or US forces in the middle-east. Israel has but one last ace up their sleeve as I see it, a ‘false flag attack upon itself’, especially after Benjamin Netanyahu and the acme bomb red line speech he gave recently at the UN. Anywhere else will not do. Not this time.

Will the U.S. be drawn into this conflict ? Only if U.S. troops are attacked. In this case, again the attack will be reported form various mainstream media outlets to have come from Iran. There will be a few sources that could confirm otherwise, but just as 9/11 they will be silenced. In fact .. I see a total media blackout until those involved can be certain their story is straight and ready for airing to the world. No more Building 7 fiascoes.

Here’s a video of the MOAB – massive ordnance air blast in action. This bomb was to be used on Iraq had they not surrendered. They build weapons to use them, not sit in a warehouse.



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