#Israel #Palestine War on track as scripted

Here’s what I said on November 15 2012 in this post Conflict in Middle East heats up, with the pertinent information now highlighted.

US presidential elections were held last week with Obama being re-elected. Shortly after yet another battle breaks out in the middle-east. The president assures the chosen people that an attack on them is an attack on the United States of America. The battle ensues with all out war on the horizon. Soon after one of the countries who oppose the chosen and the U.S. is accused of supplying weapons of mass destruction to their enemy. Time goes quickly by with no end in sight and World War Three begins.

And now this from Reuters

A senior Iranian lawmaker denied his country had supplied Palestinian Islamist militants in Gaza with missiles capable of hitting Israel’s commercial centre. .. Hamas’ armed wing said on Saturday it had launched an Iranian-made Fajr-5 rocket at Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial centre, about 70 km (43 miles) north of Gaza. .. Israel’s enemy Iran, which supports and arms Hamas, has condemned the offensive begun by the Israel Defence Forces as “organised terrorism”. .. Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, said Israeli claims that Iran was supplying rockets were unfounded

I also mentioned in my post linked above "If nothing else, these assholes are predictable."


So you want to #Secede from the United States of America

Many of you in these United States of America want the state you live in to secede and form your own government. I have but a couple things to say about this, the first being, The grass isn’t always greener on the other side; and , Be careful what you wish for.

The biggest thing on my mind is, When did it become okay for a few [that being you and others] making the decision for many [myself and others]. After all, isn’t that exactly what you are trying to secede from ? Hmm, didn’t think this through very well did you.

He is my suggestion for those of you who wish to secede from the union. All of you pack your stuff and move to the least densely populated state in the union, that being Alaska. You’ll have to shed some blood as I don’t think those that currently call Alaska home will go willingly. After the civil war I’m sure you will enjoy your cold meager existence especially once all form of commerce is halted, including sealing the boarders to ensure your protection.

Now, you may think you will have it made. Rest assured others like myself will be more than happy to see that you have basic necessities. However, all buildings, power generating facilities, water purification, and anything currently in place previously funded by the state of Alaska or the federal government will either be shut down or entirely removed, including current personal who maintain and operate said facilities.

Others and myself will be more than happy to help you pack, move, and after settling you in your igloo, we’ll proceed to destroy all roads leading into and out of Alaska. We’ll also be shutting down the pipelines, but that is something we’ll just have to live with. We’ll also have the coast guard and US navy patrolling the waters to make sure you are not bothered by any ocean going vessel that you may be able to use to bring in supplies. Oh, by the way, airports are gone too.

Remember, once you make the decision to secede from the union, you will no longer have a say in how you are treated. You will no longer be a citizen of the United States and you will no longer be allowed to vote. You will be treated like many third world countries with the exception of receiving USAid or foreign aid. I could go on and on about the stuff you will no longer have or be allowed to do, but I’m confident you have spent may hours thinking this through.

P.S. – We will also keep other nation states like Russia, Canada and China from interfering with your new beginning. Doing so will help maintain the security of the lower 48 states. We’re sure you understand the reason for this. You are on your own. Enjoy your ‘new’ life!

Signed, Happy in Georgia USA

On Russian Decision to End USAID Activities in Russia

The question – "Will the US shut down RT ??"

via U.S. State Department

Press Statement
Victoria Nuland
Department Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
September 18, 2012

The United States recently received the Russian Government’s decision to end USAID activities in the Russian Federation. We are extremely proud of what USAID has accomplished in Russia over the past two decades, and we will work with our partners and staff to responsibly end or transition USAID’s programs. While USAID’s physical presence in Russia will come to an end, we remain committed to supporting democracy, human rights, and the development of a more robust civil society in Russia and look forward to continuing our cooperation with Russian non-governmental organizations.


USAID shuts down Russia operation

BBC News, Moscow

The Russian government gave the US until 1 October to close the mission. USAID has worked in Russia for two decades, spending nearly $3bn (£1.8bn) on aid and democratic programmes.

The Russian authorities have become increasingly suspicious of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), which it believes are using foreign funding to foment political unrest, says the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg in Moscow. Earlier this year, President Vladimir Putin alleged that protests surrounding his re-election were orchestrated by US-funded NGOs.

The United States began its operations in Russia after the end of the Soviet Union, spending around $2.7bn (£1.7bn) on a wide range of human rights, civil society, health and environmental programmes.

USAID was due to spend around $50m on its work in Russia this year.


It has become something of a tradition for Russian leaders to seek out scapegoats and enemies – and for much of the last half a century, it is the United States which has been Scapegoat and Enemy Number One. That was true during the Cold War; it is true now.

Vladimir Putin makes no secret of his conviction that Washington is trying to foment anti-government sentiment and political change in Russia – and that it is doing so by funding Russian NGOs and democracy programmes. USAID’s commitment to building a civil society is viewed by Russian officials as an attempt to spark revolution.

Since returning to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin seems determined to crack down on NGOs that receive foreign funding. A new law forces such organisations to re-register as “foreign agents” and introduces tighter monitoring by the state. The closing down of USAID’s Russian mission seems to be another attempt to weaken Russian NGOs, particularly those focused on democracy issues and human rights.


Diaoyu Islands belong to China – Senkaku Islands dispute with Japan – Protest Pictures

Tension between China and Japan over the Senkaku Islands [also know as Diaoyu Islands] was heightened this weekend with protests in many countries including the US while many are distracted by the Killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi Libya. It is likely there will be no conventional WAR between China and Japan but it appears at the least an Economic war may ensue with Japan on the loosing end should it occur. Should a conventional war break out the US would come to the aid of Japan. In the past there was a similar dispute concerning Taiwan and its separation from mainland China [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwan].

Anti-Japan demonstrators protest in New York City

via http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/

First 3 images Anti-Japan demonstrators stand in front of the Japanese Consulate in New York on the morning of Sept 16, 2012. More than one thousand protestors from the Chinese community in New York shouted “Diaoyu Islands belong to China”. [Photos by Yu Wei/chinadaily.com.cn]
Rest of Images from protest in China via brightonatreddit

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