Dear, Mr. Obama – On Your Speech About Syria and Chemical Weapons

You mention, as we all know, the current conflict in Syria, is a Civil War. I ask then, Mr. Obama, Why is it that the United States Government is backing the Rebel faction, or as you call them, the Moderate Opposition ? … It’s Syria’s Civil War. We shouldn’t be there in any way, shape, or form, boots on the ground or by supplying weapons and/or support.

Mr. Obama, You say it was Mr. Assad and his administration that are responsible for the Chemical Weapons Attack on August 21,2013. You, Mr. Obama mention that OVER 1000 people were gassed during this attack, including hundreds of Children. You, MR. Obama go on to say, that the images were gruesome, that you have seen the videos of this attack, where fathers and or parents are crying over there children, wishing and begging them to walk again.

Mr. Obama, You say that the use of these chemical weapons, which you say was Sarin Gas, is a violation of the laws of war. You go on to say that this was not always the case. You mention American Troops in World War 1 being gassed and lay dieing in the trenches of Europe. You also mention World War 2, where the Nazi’s used gas to inflict the horror of the Holocaust. You stop there with your examples of chemical weapons use Mr. Obama. … So what of the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam ? What of the use of Depleted Uranium in many wars, including Iraq and Afghanistan ? What of the use of White Phosphorous on the people of Gaza ? Which I might add, was your ally Israel, just a few years ago. [some of these accounts of ChemWep use can be found on this blog] I guess, in those places, it depended on who was killing whom Mr. Obama ???

Mr. Obama, you mention that Chemical Weapons kill with no distinction between Children and soldiers. Mr. Obama, the same can be said of the Hellfire and Sidewinders you control, fired from your many drone strikes ! What is the difference ? A dead Civilian, child or adult, is just that, regardless of what KIlled them.

Now about the latest Chemical Attack of August 21 2013 in Syria Mr Obama. You say that the world saw many social media accounts of the attack. Many videos of the attack. You go on to say, No one disputes that chemical weapons were used in Syria. You go on with the horror stories of the aftermath of said attack. You still insist it was Mr. Assad and his regime that carried out this attack and say so, many times. Mr. Obama, I’ve personally viewed many of these videos and I’ll be dammed if I can figure out who was the offending party ! I suggest, you Mr. Obama to strengthen your case/cause, let the rest of World see the definite evidence that points the finger at the Assad regime and not some mercenaries dressed for the part, wink wink.

I like how you Mr. Obama, carry the use of force on Mr. Assad and his regime, over to Iran and the surrounding area, and even thousands of miles away to North Korea. You know, those permanent members of the Axis of Evil. … You say you will not put boots on the ground in Syria. I have no doubt about that, Mr. Obama. But Mr. Obama, what of the surrounding areas ? When I say that, I mean the surrounding areas that currently have no American boots on the ground.

I have a headache from this crap, so, I’m going to leave this as it is, and just watch the rest of your war speech September 10 2013. I’m so disgusted with all this shit, regardless of whom is responsible for what, or what nation, country. All of you Dictators / Tyrants are guilty of killing. I’m so sick of it, especially when you all invoke, we the people, and it’s done in the name of your God. I’ve taken NO part in any of this ! May hell have mercy on your souls !!

P.S. – Thanks for spying on me, an American, and making me feel safe, secure, and free, in and around my home, IN AMERICA.

President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria – Full Speech
President Barack Obama delivers remarks from the White House on Syria


Soon my pretties .. very soon

Soon you will not travel the roadways of AmeriKa freely. Soon everyone will show their papers … uh .. er sorry, we already have to show our papers. Some or you youngins dont realize it, but there was a time in the past when you could walk or drive around freely at any time of the day .. or night without being stopped and questioned. Not so any more.

The latest assault on freedom comes under the guise of stopping folks who drive impaired. Look, I’m all for stopping impaired driving. I used to be one of those impaired drivers and thank my lucky stars I never injured anyone but myself. I’ve also been arrested at one of these DUI checkpoints back in 1989 while living for only 1 month in North Carolina. The locals knew of these but failed to mention it to me hahaha. Anyway .. this isn’t about that, it’s about herding people like cattle to slaughter through these checkpoints, including sober law abiding people.

Why should I the law abiding citizen be subjected to what you might as well refer to as a search of ones person ?

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Would not the checkpoint be considered unreasonable to a law abiding citizen traveling the roads of Amerika ?

Some will say, What’s the big deal if you’ve done nothing wrong ? While I agree halfheartedly with that, as I like going through checkpoints nowadays to mess with their heads, it is a violation of my constitutional rights. I assure you, when you go through one of these checkpoints, they’re looking for anything to make money with. Don’t have your seat belt on .. ticket for you. Have a cracked windshield .. ticket for you. Have a light out .. ticket for you. Did you know you can also get ticketed for bald tires, no bumper on rear of truck, loud exhaust and many other things ? Many of these offenses are on the books but rarely enforced. But times are changing and funds are needed to supply the police state with all those fancy citizen control gadgets.

The nice folks down in San Antonio Texas want to set up DWI checkpoints. Not just any old checkpoint, but Continue reading

Funny followup on Bob Costas Gun Control

Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut; right Piers ?

Author Carol Roth gives a brilliant response to the insufferable Piers Morgan when he displays his ignorance about the Second Amendment. via

Piers Morgan displays his ignorance about the Second Amendment - Carol Roth put him in his place.

Piers Morgan displays his ignorance about the Second Amendment – Carol Roth put him in his place.

You can read what I had to say about Bob and his short rant during Sunday night football here – Bob Costas on Gun Control – I don’t think so!

Bob Costas on Gun Control – I don’t think so!

We interrupt Sunday Night Football for this special message from Advocates for Gun Control. Your 'regular programming' will resume in a moment.

We interrupt Sunday Night Football for this special message from Advocates for Gun Control. Your ‘regular programming‘ will resume in a moment.

I missed this as I have no stomach for watching overpaid meat puppets play games. This is what I know …


NBC broadcaster Bob Costas used his halftime segment on ”Sunday Night Football” to advocate for gun control following this weekend’s murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, causing an immediate debate on social media.

In a segment about 90 seconds long, Costas paraphrased and quoted extensively from

a piece by Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock. I would argue that your rationalizations speak to how numb we are in this society to gun violence and murder. We’ve come to accept our insanity. We’d prefer to avoid seriously reflecting upon the absurdity of the prevailing notion that the second amendment somehow enhances our liberty rather than threatens it.

How many young people have to die senselessly? How many lives have to be ruined before we realize the right to bear arms doesn’t protect us from a government equipped with Continue reading