Conflict in Middle East heats up – #Israel #Gaza #Hamas

You knew it was coming. Well, some of us did.

As if a Hollywood movie script ..

US presidential elections were held last week with Obama being re-elected. Shortly after yet another battle breaks out in the middle-east. The president assures the chosen people that an attack on them is an attack on the United States of America. The battle ensues with all out war on the horizon. Soon after one of the countries who oppose the chosen and the U.S. is accused of supplying weapons of mass destruction to their enemy. Time goes quickly by with no end in sight and World War Three begins.

Now, if they follow the script laid out many years ago, this, or something like this is what is to come for those of us in the world with a brain. If nothing else, these assholes are predictable. The only thing not quite sure of yet is how the US is drawn into this War. Surely they won’t use the ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ obtained by our enemy line .. again; which they’ve been touting in past days, months, years. They tried to draw the US into this conflict last week with the ‘Iran shoots at US drone‘ crap. It didn’t work.

Combat cam: IDF blasts Gaza, shows precision PR footage

The Israeli military released footage showing what it said was its air force targeting Hamas Fajr missile infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in an airstrike. A day earlier Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told reporters that most of Hamas’ Fajr missiles were destroyed in the first hour of the Israeli army’s assault on the Gaza Strip.

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For real time coverage of this unfolding conflict, see here –


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