Swine Flu Vaccine – What if Steroid Fungal Meningitis were in it ?

I often wonder what goes into vaccines that we never know about. Sure they give us a list of ingredients, but how do we know it’s complete. Like they would tell us if they sneaked something deadly in there to reduce the world population [that’s another story].

I’ve recently thought about, What if the Fungal Meningitis had been in the ‘Swine Flu Vaccine’ that many around the world decided to take during the ‘Swine Flu Pandemic Hoax’ and continue to take every year since. How many would be dead right now ?
I also find interesting that most cases and deaths from Steroid Injections Fungal Meningitis are in the Eastern US and all deaths are in the Northeast. Likely nothing to that as most doctors offices that have the tainted steroids are in these areas.

Via the CDC –

As of October 9, a total of 119 cases in 7 states and 11 deaths have been identified with a clinical picture consistent with fungal infection: Florida (4 cases), Indiana (12 cases), Maryland (8 cases, including 1 death), Michigan (25 cases, including 3 deaths), North Carolina (2 cases), Tennessee (39 cases, including 6 deaths), and Virginia (24 cases, including 1 death). Fungus has been identified in specimens obtained from 9 patients, including Aspergillus and Exserohilum.

Infected patients have developed a variety of symptoms approximately 1 to 4 weeks following their injection, including fever, new or worsening headache, nausea, and new neurological deficit (consistent with deep brain stroke). Some of these patients’ symptoms were very mild in nature. Cerebrospinal fluid obtained from these patients has shown findings consistent with meningitis.


Speaking of ‘swine flu’ and influenza vaccines in general .. Do you get vaccinated ? I don’t and have had 1 flu shot in my life. I caught the flu that year, go figure. Sine I was diagnosed with diabetes a little over 3 years ago, every time it’s time for doctors to administer flu vaccines, mine always says, time for your flu shot. The look on their faces when I say ‘No thanks’ is a polaroid moment. They still insist I quit smoking too. hahaha

Anyway here’s a good read from my buddy B’Man [ Read it here – Take Your Jab and Shove It: It Don’t Work Here Anymore ] where he shows us

Vaccines administered parenterally, that is, outside the digestive tract—which generally means by injection—reduced influenza-like symptoms by only 4%


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