Amber Lyon – CNN Exposed – Producing State Sponsored News

The title of this video is

CNN Exposed! Caught Producing “State Sponsored News” in Bahrain

. I have omitted ‘in Bahrain’ as it is known that along with CNN, ‘all mainstream media’ produces ‘state sponsored news’. You see it, hear it, and read it ‘everyday’.

Differences aside Alex Jones does put forth some good information now and again… only because they tell him / let him do so. I personally to this day believe Alex Jones to be controlled by those he supposedly opposes. Just as the video above exposes CNN for producing state sponsored news, I believe Alex Jones is guilty of doing the same thing, ‘Producing State Sponsored propaganda’. Doing this makes you think there are two sides in the war for your mind. Simply put, Alex Jones reports what they tell him to report for the alternative media minded. He is the Yang to the Mainstream Media Yin – Yin and Yang – via wikipedia

I followed Alex Jones in the early days. Since, I’ve watched as he changed his style, direction and the type of material he reports and post. I will admit in the early days he did do what he pretends to do today. Money has a way of doing that to a person. Is Alex Jones a Fake ?, you decide for yourself if you have the time or want to know.

See also Alex Jones’ Y2K hoax – Broadcast December 31, 1999 – Listen to the untrained squeaky southern voice Alex Jones once had .. LMAO.

Y2K info here –


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