Muhammad Movie Riots

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Lets get this out of the way up front before someone accuses me of bashing religion.

I could care less what religion you practice. Furthermore .. what nationality you are, your sexual preference or your color. To each their own.

On with the show ….

Have you watched the Muhammad Movie ? It’s freakin messed up with the dubbed voice over and likely without it. Here’s what I get from it. This is bits and pieces from a full length movie spliced together. A bad movie at that and from what I can see, it was a PORNO. How it got to what it is – is beyond me. Who the real entity behind putting it together and pushing it to the Muslim world is beyond me. I really think it was a porno depicting Jesus as the bad person as the dude playing the lead role is made to look like Jesus and not Muhammad.

Anyway .. the killing and bashing of anothers religion has been going on since religion began. What this is really doing is strengthening those brainwashed by religion and government to keep the war on religion going. Like I said, all religions KILL. It only depends in which you believe as to what will offend you. I’ve seen Christen Bibles burnt and defaced as well as depictions of Jesus similar to those of Muhammad in this bad porno flick. I could care less

For your viewing displeasure [because it really really sucks regardless of intent] I bring you the

Muhammad Movie Trailer


While were on this, I found this interesting.

The Real Reason the Middle East is Rioting

In the past week there has been an outbreak of anti-U.S violence across the middle east which was sparked by the release of an anti-Islamic film. Now there’s been speculation as to whether this film was released as an intentional instigation, there has been condemnation sent in the direction of both the film maker and the rioters but so far I haven’t seen anyone outlining the real root of the issue.

What do you think ? Any thoughts either way ? Leave a reply and let the world know ..


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