Interesting hypothesis – Barrett Brown’s Staged Arrest

Watch the video of #Anonymous member Barrett Brown arrested during online chat – Video

via pastebin @pastebin

Fool me once …

Outsiders are pointing to Barrett Brown as being held in the custody of federal agents however, experience dictates otherwise.

When someone is processed into any federal system, the processing is done by the United States Marshall Service. Fingerprinting, picture taking, tattoo descriptions. The whole affair is handled by one agency. (USMS) After being processed and given a number, the offender is placed into systems at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Whether or not charges are pending, an offender is awaiting trail, or an individual is sentenced, one cannot step foot into any federal center without being processed into the system at the BOP. There would be a large liability should something happen to someone otherwise. There are no ifs, and, nor buts, this is the way the system works.

So where in the world is Barrett Brown. According to his co-horts, friends, or whatever they choose to label themselves, he is at Mansfield. In fact here is his information in the event you want to write to him:

Barrett Brown
US Marshal #45047177
Mansfield Federal Detention Ctr.
1601 Heritage Pkwy
Mansfield, TX 76063

There is however a few glaring problems with this address. For starters, the number given is a BOP related number. The 177 at the end is a giveaway. The last three digits in any federal inmate’s number dictate what court processed them. “Where they were snagged.” For example, if one is arrested in NYC, their numbers would end in 054 for the Southern District, 053 for the eastern district. Arrested in Maryland, 038 and so forth. 177 is the number used for Texas and it is a BOP related number. One that does not exist in any capacity.

So where in the world is Barrett Brown if not in federal custody? Guess are, forced re-hab. Perhaps the government converted Brown on his first arrest, he provided “solid info” (which would be the term used by feds), began to spin out of control and rather than lose a worthy “teller”, they decided to throw him in re-hab. Create a fake arrest, Barrett gets more street creds, more devious criminals take the bait. Hook line and sinker.

The other alternative is, he was never arrested to begin with. Although the TinyChat video may appear to be legit to some, it is strangely ironic that there is nothing seen in the video. When agents come in storming, guns-a-blazing, the initial psychological reaction would be shock. Not “let me turn off this camera” as was done in the video. In this situation, arrest gets staged, perhaps a “Free Barrett Brown” movement is established. People donate, Barrett gets a free ride on the heroin highway.

A third alternative would be: “he wasn’t processed into the BOP yet.” Rest assured, he would not be in a federal system without being processed by the BOP. Rest assured as a “federal” detainee, he would not be placed into a state or county facility due to liability concerns should something happen to him.

So where is Barrett Brown. The feds as boisterous as they can be have not released any information indicating his arrest. Which is equally as odd.

The Department of Justice loves press releases and if Barrett Brown – being deeply rooted with anonymous and all – were arrested, he would be the poster child of an arrest. Bottom line.

If one cannot read between the many “indicators of false flag” nonsense, here is one for you. In three weeks, Barrett Brown will make bail. His verbiage will be some extravagant “because they didn’t have anything” nonsense. Idiots will worship him and idiots will get visits. Nothing new, same old tricks from the government. Happened with Alberto Gonzalez, Adrian Lamo, Xavier Monsegur and a variety of other charlatans. Stay tuned for what will be referred to as Mickey Theatre. (Mickey as in the mouse, the rat, the rodent).

All the best



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