#Anonymous member Barrett Brown arrested during online chat – Video

via Computerword

Dallas law enforcement authorities have arrested self-professed Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown in what appears to have been a dramatic raid of his apartment late Wednesday night. Barrett was having a live online video chat session with a few others when law enforcement officers can be heard storming into the room and shouting at him to comply with their commands to submit to his arrest.

Arrest of Barrett Brown by Dallas law enforcement authorities in the middle of online chat.

No official reason has been offered yet as to why Barrett was arrested. But it may be connected to a YouTube video Barrett released yesterday in which he appears to threaten an FBI agent named Robert Smith. In the rambling 13-minute expletive-laced video, Barrett accuses Smith of getting his mother into trouble on obstruction of justice charges over a laptop that Barrett had attempted to conceal from authorities. The video is entitled: “Why I’m Going to Destroy FBI Agent Robert Smith Part Three: Revenge of the Lithe.”

This is the YouTube video released by Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown.


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